Welcome To ArtStars Studio LLC

I am looking forward to working with your young musician/s this year. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my love for the piano with your child. I am firmly convinced that exposure to music enriches our lives and develops and maintains mental capacity.



In order to facilitate communication, I would like to request that each student's family register on my website: www.artstars.biz. Select "Piano Lessons" from the home page. From there, select "Student Registration" and kindly provide the information requested. It will be automatically forwarded to me.




I strongly advise short, frequent practice sessions over longer, infrequent times at the piano. I realize that students are juggling many activities; so if you can help your piano student find little blocks of time where he/she can review the piano pieces for the week, that guidance will greatly enhance the piano progress. The goal is to return to piano class "well-practiced," so that I will not have to spend time reviewing and can go on to new music. In addition to practicing music, your student/s may have written homework to reinforce a musical concept. Please check weekly for tagged homework sheets.



ArtStars is a tuition-based studio, not a payment per-class-studio. This means that the payment per month is the same, whether your child will have 3,4,or 5 lessons in a month depending on calendar variation.  The tuition covers 35 one-half hour lessons from September to June. Enclosed in your student's music folder is a calendar of piano classes  for you and your student to follow. This calendar can also be found at www.artstars.biz  under "Piano Lessons" -  then select "2016-2017 Schedule". The tuition payment is due at the FIRST lesson of each month. Please write out your check to ArtStars Studio. If the payment is not received by the 10th of each month, a $15 late fee will be added.

Please be advised that a class which is missed will not be made up. Also, since we live in an area where everyone is so heavily scheduled, there are always bound to be conflicts with piano lessons. I have a very full schedule, and I simply cannot accommodate every request for a make-up because of a conflict with  an athletic event, a family event, or any other extra-curricular activity.  Since I cannot accommodate all requests, I do not schedule make-ups. If a conflict arises and you choose not to attend a piano class, no reimbursement will be given, nor will it be rescheduled.

If your child will not be attending a class, I would appreciate your letting me know so I can plan out my day more effectively.

Make-up classes will be provided if I need to cancel a class, or if there is inclement weather. All snow days will be made up in the summer.

If a student needs to withdraw from classes, I would appreciate a 30-day advance notice via e-mail.    Full payment is due for the month in which lessons are discontinued.





Usually being early is a good thing, but since I have a very open studio, early arrivals can be disruptive to the lesson in progress. If you arrive at my studio ten minutes or more ahead of your student's class time, please wait in your car until it is closer to class time. If a lesson is still being held when you come in, please wait in the room to the right. I really appreciate your cooperation.


Spring recitals are planned for June. Again, thank you for the opportunity to work with your musician/s, and I wish you many joyful musical moments.

                                                                                                         Mary Jane Cogan, M.Ed.



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