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                                                          Watercolor Paintings       

Welcome to my collection of paintings. I am happy to present my award-winning painting called "Waterford Cat."  I painted this charming country scene in three seasons: summer, fall, and winter. This trio set won an award at the Waterford Fair (Virginia) in October 2009.


                                                                                                        Waterford Cat


This painting, of my Rose Duet (see below), was selected by the American Diabetes Association for the cover of their 2013 Calendar. It is also found on the February page. My Garden of Glads painting (see below) was also chosen for August. To contribute to diabetes research and/or purchase this calendar, call ADA at 1-800-608-4279.


Also, I invite you to see my two ETSY shops: www.etsy.com/shop/purrfectcats & www.etsy.com/shop/daisyjanestudio. There you will see more of my creations, including handbags and jewelry.


                            Orchids                                                   Morning Glories                             Floral Squares


                Rose Duet                              Seaside Bouquet                              Apples Aplenty


                Jane's  Flowers                         Bolero                                      Hearts Galore


              Pink Tulips                                       Pink Glads                             Welcoming Spring


                              Garden of Glads                                                                      Daisy Trio


                                 Katy's Window                                                        Patchey's Bowl                        


                   Maine Lighthouse             Williamsburg Garden                      Vermont Village

                                       All designs and images are fully copyrighted by Mary Jane Cogan.

                                                                      Any use of designs or images is strictly prohibited.















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